30 May 2012

Project JEFF – 0117 Film Challenge

To celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Bristol, filmmakers and animators were challenged to create a short film in Bristol in 117 hours. 0117 being the area dialling code for the city. The film had to be based on the core values of the M Shed Museum (Bristol people, places and life) and be inspired by Sport, Games and Play. Here’s what I came up with... To fit this in around work commitments, children and sleep was… emotional. But, no guts, no glory. Unfortunately, there were lots of guts and no glory as the £1,000 prize money was bagged by another team. I’m sure, given time, the judges will come to realise the magnitude of their mistake.
You can see Jeff along with the other films on the Encounters YouTube channel...

29 May 2012

The Graphic Canon – Volume 1

Some time ago I contributed illustrations to a project called The Graphic Canon: The Definitive Anthology of the World’s Great Literature as Comics and Visuals. See this post... Part of the deal was that I would be sent a copy of the book, which I received last week. The project grew to be much larger than expected and the anthology was separated into three volumes. My work appears in Volume 1.
It is a giant book, packed-full of some really great drawings of some classic stories and scenes. It is an honour to be a part of such an amazing project. Well done to everybody involved. If you like graphic novels and anything that has been drawn you will absoluely love this book! Find out more/get it here...

10 May 2012

Drawing the line…

Not so long ago a stash of old 2000AD megazines crossed my path… all of them full of outstanding artwork. In amongst them was this Sci-Fi Special from 1985 which has an interesting comparison between computer generated and hand-drawn artwork. Think you can throw your pencils away now that you have a micro? Ink again Earthlet! Brilliant.

11 March 2012

My March MODOK

The March MODOK Madness blog is pretty mad, runs throughout the month of March and features lots of MODOK drawings, as you may have gathered from the title. Here’s what I sent in:
You can see it and other maniacal MODOK’s here...

27 February 2012

The Space Marine System

For more than a hundred centuries an illustrator has sat immobile in his golden office chair. He is the master of Flash-based character generation systems by the will of the gods and creator of some awesome Astartes artwork by the might of his inexhaustible pens.

He is a serious nerd, writhing invisibly with power from some relatively cheap technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the vast Imperium of Awesomeness for whom a thousand lines of code are written every day. Yet even in his reclusive state, the illustrator continues his eternal search for commissions.

Vast armies paste stickers carrying His name on uncounted town centre wheelie bins. Greatest amongst his drawings are the Adeptus Astartes, bio-engineered super-warriors scanned, coloured and randomised using The Space Marine System...

5 January 2012

Change a life with a loan

Sometime last year I attended an event run by the Media Trust. At that event I met representatives from a charity called Deki, which is based in my glorious home town of Bristol.

Deki empower people living in poverty to create sustainable livelihoods by providing access to microloans and they were keen to see if we could explain this process using animation.

We came up with something which hopefully ticks all the boxes and encourages people to invest a small amount of money. Just a tenner could go a long way to helping a lot of different people and you can always claim it back at the end. Quite frankly it’s a brilliant idea!

Vashti Seth, Deki CEO and Founder, said “We are really pleased with the animation that Ian created for us. Ian came up with the concept by himself and kept us informed with his progress at all times. The animation explains what www.deki.org.uk does in a simple and informative, yet witty manner. We have had many positive comments and use it in all our presentations, as well as on the website – thank you Ian”.

And that’s not all... Deki held a re-launch event in October and showed the animation to a few people including their new patron… who just so happened to be none other than animation ultra mega-don Nick Park! I managed to grab a quick picture before Nick’s radioactive energy enveloped the sofa – just look at it glow!

3 December 2011

Penelope's Poor Choice

I was commissioned by the local NHS to make a short animation about emergency contraception. The problem being that too many people are panicking after they've "done the deed" and are turning up at Accident and Emergency departments for the morning after pill. Emergency contraception is freely available from most pharmacies as well as other places like NHS walk-in centres so there's really no need to go to A&E.

Communications and Marketing Manager for NHS Bristol, Lawrie Jones, said; “We gave Ian a blank canvas, outlined to him our problem and asked him to come up with something ‘creative’. Ian attacked the problem from a unique and innovative perspective, creating a piece of work that was witty, challenging and effective. Working with Ian has been pain-free and we will definitely use him for future campaigns.”