31 December 2009

Creative Review - January 2010

My work appears in the January issue of Creative Review Magazine... twice! :-)

On page 16 you can see snippets of my entry for the E Stings competition and on page 18 there's a little bit about my involvement in the NHS Choices cartoon competition with a screen shot from "Brenda's Poisonous Pastime".

It's nice to have my work shown in a major design publication but it's a bit of a shame that I didn't actually win either competition... although both provided me with valuable funds so I can't be too upset.

Hopefully it's not a case of "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" and I might actually win something next year!

Happy New Year!

21 December 2009

What I did when I was a kid...

My lovely mum was having a clear out the other day and she found a folder packed full of my early "work". Worryingly I had a bit of a thing for drawing pictures of Hitler, war, death and destruction. :-/

If my kids were doing stuff like that I'd probably get them in for some psychological profiling... but it just goes to show that kids can draw some awful things and still turn out to be alright! Assuming I am actually alright?!? Everyone had to go and see the school nurse right?

Anyhow, I also found many pictures of Chad... which gave me a bit of a laugh. What was I thinking?!?

First up... it's the classic "just Chad"...

Then, dead or alive you're coming with me... it's Chad Cop...
Bad Chad... ?
Choss... which is Bros, but Chads... dating this stuff to the late 80s/early 90s when I was 13/14.
Chad the Barbarian. Awesome.
...And my personal favourite... Michael Chadson!

Then there's the dark side of drawings, including a picture of Hitler which shames me! Unfortunately, there were several pictures of Hitler in the stash and some of them were mounted meaning I must have done them at school... but I can't remember being questioned about them!?!?

Having said that, clearly I'd seen Robocop and played Barbarian on the Amiga... both pretty gory affairs for a young lad. I blame the parents! ;-)

7 December 2009

E Stings awards night

Last Thursday (the 3rd) I attended the annual E Stings awards ceremony at Channel 4 HQ in smoky big London!

Luckily, this time, I was not one of the people to go home empty-handed as I managed to bag £500 in the form of a runners up prize! The other prizes were awarded to Cyriak Harris (winner) and Gareth Sayers (fellow runner up). So, congratulations to us all!

A few people were interested in seeing the entries for round two, which were not made public but I've provided mine for anyone who wants to have a gander. I also scanned in my prize (what a nerd)!

But perhaps more important than this or any other award for work I've also put-up a copy of a certificate I received this morning for recognition of my services to the moustache. Now that is an award!

19 November 2009

Don't do drugs!

I've just finished two animations about the perils of taking and dealing drugs! The animations were required for the ACPO Drugs Conference but also for use on the Avon and Somerset Constabulary youth website: www.craniumcaviar.com

I was rather embarrassingly presented with an ACPO commendation and a Bristol Blue Glass decanter for this work, which came as a bit of a shock. Not least because some of these awards are given to police officers who have made a big difference tackling dangerous drug dealers on the dirty streets of England! Anyhow, I am very respectful and appreciative that my work has been recognised in this way... so thank you very much!

As usual, I've provided a few screenshots, storyboard roughs and, of course, the videos! Enjoy!

23 October 2009

E Stings competition

I've been short-listed in the final 15 of the E Stings competition with "Dizzy Dave". Yee-haa! This is my second time in this competition but last time out I didn't win a sausage. So, fingers crossed for better luck this time!

In order to win one of the big prizes the finalists had to submit their treatment for another sting about Thursday Night Comedy on E4.

Below you can see my original submission (which will also appear on TV) and my scribbles and character designs for round two...

You can see all the finalists here: http://www.e4.com/estings/2009finalists.html

22 October 2009

A statement from Bob

Good afternoon. My wife and I would very much like to congratulate the Brothers McLeod on winning the NHS Choices Cartoon Competition. We are, of course, sad that we didn't win but we very much enjoyed making our films and can't complain at losing out to "The Brothers" as they are indeed amazing animators... So jolly well done!

Unfortunately, Brenda hasn't taken the news quite so well and has gone on a bit of a bender. She's now drinking surgical spirits out of the clinical waste bin at the back of the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

I think it's time I checked her into the Alcoholism Recovery Program at the Clifton Clinic and started my new exercise regime.

Chow for now.


Find out more about the competition here:

1 October 2009

Mail Me Art 2

I haven't done any artwork for ages so the second Mail Me Art project provided me with a great excuse to do some good old fashioned drawing...

I decided to do one multi-coloured drawing on the back of a cereal box... chop it in half and post the pieces in two differently decorated envelopes on different days from different locations.

Whoever unites the pieces will open a portal and awaken the Ogdru Jahad; The Seven Gods of Chaos... or maybe not, we'll have to wait and see.

Find out more about Mail Me Art here:

25 September 2009

Epiphany Flyer - Nov 09

Another Epiphany Flyer for the Drum & Bass club night... Find out more about Epiphany here: http://www.myspace.com/bristol_epiphany

2 September 2009

Brenda's Poisonous Pastime

Here is my shortlisted entry for the NHS cartoon competition. I was asked to come up with a short animation aimed at middle-aged female habitual drinkers... like Brenda!

Poor old Brenda gulps the grog like it's going out of fashion... and suffers the ill effects. Luckily there's a curious contraption that can cure her!

18 August 2009


E4 are running the EStings competition again so, after a minor success last time, I decided to have another go... I haven't done any 3D animation for a while so this was a perfect opportunity to do something random that wasn't too long or complicated. Enjoy...

20 July 2009

Make a mint moped

The moped. Chosen chariot of the urban imp... and imps like their bikes to look the business don't they? Well, with this game I made for Bristol City Council you can have fun fashioning your own righteous ride that'll be the shizzle on the streets of Brizzle.

Make your own mint moped here: http://www.albinal.com/moped/

Choose the chopper handles, multi-mirrors and side mounted mini-guns to make a moped that is most magnificent and marvellous.

The game is 99% done, pending any useful feedback following testing, and will appear on www.keepyourwheels.com soon.

16 July 2009


Well, there's hasn't been a whole lot of blogging going on recently, but that's because I've been buried in my burrow busying away on some BIG projects. I'm just waiting on client approval before posting about one and the other is very nearly done so hold-on to your hats!

In the meantime you can take pleasure in these pictures I did for the police. Peace out!