13 January 2009

Make your imagination...

Drawing is one way of bringing the inside of your brain outside... communicating your thoughts through your hand and into someone else’s brain via their eyes… another way is to shoot yourself in the mouth with a pump-action shotgun... but I recommend the first option.

But what if you want to make something more real than a drawing? Well now you can… www.shapeways.com will print your 3D models into real-life objects. You need to know a bit about 3D modelling but that’s pretty much it… then you can literally make whatever you can imagine.

My ability to sculpt something by hand is not that great and if you’re looking for something perfect and symmetrical then this is a great option.

I think this site is the cheapest thing around for what it does but it’s not 'cheap as chips'! However, they recently had a huge discount on the black material meaning I could get a 9cm tall figure made for just £28 including postage… totally awesome.

Welcome Afro Cyclops… you are indeed very beautiful.

My aim is to mould him and produce more which I can paint and maybe sell… meaning that producing a short run of vinyl toy type ornaments is now within the grasp of daydreamers everywhere. Hell, with enough money you can build your own army!

Since you can make anything then there really is no-limits. In the future we will all have a 3D printer in our own home and when you snap the plastic battery cover on your remote control you can simply download and print a replacement… happy days.

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