8 April 2009

Moji War

I found out yesterday that one of my characters, Feeny Nawny, is involved in a Moji War battle over at http://www.mojizu.com/

First off he faced up to Zombie Piggy and only just managed to "pork" him out of contention with a slender 75-72 victory.

Next up was Nelson. He got nailed 207-111. Nice.

Round 3 saw Feeny run right into Revoltage's "oOtaque and the oOburs" ??? The result? Feeny ran out the winner: 177-138.

And then... the Super Match. Unfortunately Feeny is not strong enough and is getting a bloody battering by Broccoli the Stardust. At the moment it's 87-162. Congratulations to Kozak who is beating me... It looks like Broccoli is going on to the hall of fame and imortallity... and Feeny to the great graveyard in the ground.

What can I say? Vanquished by a vegetable. The shame of it.

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