20 July 2009

Make a mint moped

The moped. Chosen chariot of the urban imp... and imps like their bikes to look the business don't they? Well, with this game I made for Bristol City Council you can have fun fashioning your own righteous ride that'll be the shizzle on the streets of Brizzle.

Make your own mint moped here: http://www.albinal.com/moped/

Choose the chopper handles, multi-mirrors and side mounted mini-guns to make a moped that is most magnificent and marvellous.

The game is 99% done, pending any useful feedback following testing, and will appear on www.keepyourwheels.com soon.

16 July 2009


Well, there's hasn't been a whole lot of blogging going on recently, but that's because I've been buried in my burrow busying away on some BIG projects. I'm just waiting on client approval before posting about one and the other is very nearly done so hold-on to your hats!

In the meantime you can take pleasure in these pictures I did for the police. Peace out!