19 November 2009

Don't do drugs!

I've just finished two animations about the perils of taking and dealing drugs! The animations were required for the ACPO Drugs Conference but also for use on the Avon and Somerset Constabulary youth website: www.craniumcaviar.com

I was rather embarrassingly presented with an ACPO commendation and a Bristol Blue Glass decanter for this work, which came as a bit of a shock. Not least because some of these awards are given to police officers who have made a big difference tackling dangerous drug dealers on the dirty streets of England! Anyhow, I am very respectful and appreciative that my work has been recognised in this way... so thank you very much!

As usual, I've provided a few screenshots, storyboard roughs and, of course, the videos! Enjoy!


dan spencer said...

the master does it again! great work man!

Anonymous said...

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