7 December 2009

E Stings awards night

Last Thursday (the 3rd) I attended the annual E Stings awards ceremony at Channel 4 HQ in smoky big London!

Luckily, this time, I was not one of the people to go home empty-handed as I managed to bag £500 in the form of a runners up prize! The other prizes were awarded to Cyriak Harris (winner) and Gareth Sayers (fellow runner up). So, congratulations to us all!

A few people were interested in seeing the entries for round two, which were not made public but I've provided mine for anyone who wants to have a gander. I also scanned in my prize (what a nerd)!

But perhaps more important than this or any other award for work I've also put-up a copy of a certificate I received this morning for recognition of my services to the moustache. Now that is an award!


Pete said...
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Pete said...

Hey Ian,

Congrats once again! Thanks for uploading your 2nd round stuff and letting us take a peek, you've got a pretty consistent style looking at your sting and brief concept.

I saw that they had posted the results on the e4 site today but strangely, there's no mention of the 2nd round stuff and its made out as though it was judged on the e-stings which is a little confusing to say the least! I've posted my 2nd round stuff on my site as well if your interested.

Pete "birdlikespop" Walklett :)

Albinal said...

Thanks Pete! I had a look at your stuff too. Great work and not just for the E Stings! I really like the character animation on the XL flights thing... gotta love that wobbly double chin!