21 December 2009

What I did when I was a kid...

My lovely mum was having a clear out the other day and she found a folder packed full of my early "work". Worryingly I had a bit of a thing for drawing pictures of Hitler, war, death and destruction. :-/

If my kids were doing stuff like that I'd probably get them in for some psychological profiling... but it just goes to show that kids can draw some awful things and still turn out to be alright! Assuming I am actually alright?!? Everyone had to go and see the school nurse right?

Anyhow, I also found many pictures of Chad... which gave me a bit of a laugh. What was I thinking?!?

First up... it's the classic "just Chad"...

Then, dead or alive you're coming with me... it's Chad Cop...
Bad Chad... ?
Choss... which is Bros, but Chads... dating this stuff to the late 80s/early 90s when I was 13/14.
Chad the Barbarian. Awesome.
...And my personal favourite... Michael Chadson!

Then there's the dark side of drawings, including a picture of Hitler which shames me! Unfortunately, there were several pictures of Hitler in the stash and some of them were mounted meaning I must have done them at school... but I can't remember being questioned about them!?!?

Having said that, clearly I'd seen Robocop and played Barbarian on the Amiga... both pretty gory affairs for a young lad. I blame the parents! ;-)

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