4 August 2010

Jostens Ad Campaign

Over the past few weeks and months I've been working on illustrating (and animating) an ad campaign for Jostens. The work is being used to help promote their high school products (class rings, yearbooks etc).

The brief was initially for 10 posters but this extended to a few extra pieces and lots and lots of clip art! They were really keen to have the flexibility to move things around and include illustrations in catalogues etc... so mutli-layered Photoshop files were the order of the day.

The project then turned to animation when they asked if I could "bring my characters to life". So I dug out my Dr Frankenstein electrodes and got to work. The scripts, voice-overs and editing were all taken care of by Multimedia Inc so I literally just provided animated scenes.

I haven't actually seen any of the final videos and they may not be released on-line so I've put together a little promo that shows some of the scenes. Comments and feedback are welcome as always.

Here are some of the early versions and spec work. As you can see, I gave them as much as I could!
Here's some of the animation:

Cobey Rouse, Jostens Brand Experience Manager, said; "Working with Ian on our 2011 High School brand campaign has been amazing. From helping us realize our vision in small and large format print collateral to bringing the campaign literally to life in video animation, Ian has consistently gone above and beyond to produce brilliant work in a highly professional manner. We can always rely on Ian to bring creative flair to our direction and to deliver his work on time, even under some extremely tight deadlines. We can't wait to continue working with Ian as our campaign evolves over the next couple years."


Stephen Siu said...

great work on Jostens! what inspired your characters/ideas?

Albinal said...

Thanks Stephen. They wanted the hand-drawn style and gave me a list of school character types (science kid, professor, hippy etc.) then I just tried my best I guess?!?

I drew everything I could think of associated with the subjects they gave me.

My plan was to give them lots so they had enough to play around with.