1 September 2010

Show me the animation

Last night I attended another one of the "show me the animation" nights at the glorious Hen and Chicken. I thought it was worth sticking up a post highlighting some of the great films that were on show including, ahem, Brenda's Poisonous Pastime...

The Eagleman Stag (http://www.mikeyplease.co.uk)

Isaac and Quincy (http://www.teaandcheese.com)

Brenda's Poisonous Pastime (http://www.albinal.com)

Modern Martin (http://www.matinai.com)

One of a kind (http://www.aardman.com)

There was also an episode of Grime City by the Evil Genius, which I can't find on-line. And an episode of HorseCat.

1 comment:

tea&cheese said...

Awesome post!
Some really awesome films,
Eagleman Stag was particular highlight.
Oh, and glad you enjoyed Isaac and Quincy :D