20 October 2010

Epiphany Flyer - December 2010

I've finished the illustration and design work on another Epiphany Flyer. Epiphany is a regular drum and base club night in Bristol. Enjoy...

Here's the original drawing. I messed up a bit on the middle Kings mouth so had to get the Tipp-Ex out!

19 October 2010

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells...

The other day I read about a Charity Christmas Card Competition on the LCS. I just couldn't stop myself from entering a card based on this adaptation of Jingle Bells... it's a classic!

10 October 2010

The road to £100

I've completed work on another animation for Bristol City Council... this time it's an introduction to the Keep Your Wheels project and an explanation of how participants can get their hands on £100.

Keep Your Wheels aims to encourage safer riding and reduce the number of road collisions involving young riders of powered two-wheelers.

Here's the animation, some screen-shots and storyboard images... enjoy.