3 December 2011

Penelope's Poor Choice

I was commissioned by the local NHS to make a short animation about emergency contraception. The problem being that too many people are panicking after they've "done the deed" and are turning up at Accident and Emergency departments for the morning after pill. Emergency contraception is freely available from most pharmacies as well as other places like NHS walk-in centres so there's really no need to go to A&E.

Communications and Marketing Manager for NHS Bristol, Lawrie Jones, said; “We gave Ian a blank canvas, outlined to him our problem and asked him to come up with something ‘creative’. Ian attacked the problem from a unique and innovative perspective, creating a piece of work that was witty, challenging and effective. Working with Ian has been pain-free and we will definitely use him for future campaigns.”

22 November 2011

Super Moo Stickers

I’ve adapted the Super System to make stickers… Moo stickers.

If you’ve not heard of Moo then they’re a printing company who offer a unique technology called “printfinity” – Which lets you print a different image on every item in a pack. You can print business cards, postcards, greetings cars and stickers.

Conjuring up 50 different images for a pack of stickers can be quite a challenge, until now. The Super Moo Sticker System does all the hard work for you… creating a completely unique Super Hero sticker in a single click.

This system also generates names but sometimes a name like “The Yellow Spirit” won’t match a hero with a purple costume so I’ve included an option to change that… or hide the name completely. You can also over-type it with a name of your choosing.

Note: The resolution is quite high so if your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll to see it all.

How to defeat crime…

Alternatively, you could buy some ready-made…

21 November 2011

The Super System

Inspired by films like Super and Kick Ass as well as real-life heroes like Phoenix Jones and The Dark Spartan I've developed a system to generate Costumed Crimefighters!

Ideally I'd like to become a super hero myself but I doubt very much if I could strike fear into the lawless without some serious weaponry... and, sadly, I'm not as wealthy as Bruce Wayne.

Instead I've devised a system to help would-be heroes come-up with appropriate costumes and names. Have a go - make a hero now... (requires Flash, a-ha Savior of the Universe)

Note: The resolution is quite high so if your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll to see it all.

Giclée Super Prints

To celebrate the release of the super system I'm selling off 10 limited edition A2 Super prints at the super special price of £35 for a limited time only. Since that price is clearly criminal it won't stay that low for long. So don't delay, order today...

Here's some images. Enjoy!

17 November 2011

Junction Jeopardy

I’ve completed another animation for the Keep Your Wheels project. ‘Junction Jeopardy’ is the forth installment in the series and advises riders to slow down and adjust their road position when approaching a junction.

Bristol City Council's Tom Southerby said; "This fantastic animation helps inform young moped/scooter riders on the issues they face at junctions in a humourous and informative way. Ian's work is always great at getting our key messages across to young riders and I would highly recommend his work for others targeting this age group".

30 September 2011

Make minions from home…

Following in the footsteps of the Pimpatron I decided to make another character system… this time in 3D! The idea being that you can rotate and render a 3D character from many angles; making more and more individual images for an army. And what better than an army of minions?

The system uses AWAY3D and Flash. I made the minion models in Blender.

Make a multitude of minions now...

21 July 2011

The Treacherous Tarmac

I’ve just completed another animation for the Keep Your Wheels project. ‘The Treacherous Tarmac’ is the third installment in the series and deals with the issue of road surface conditions.

Bristol City Council’s Tom Southerby said “Our aim was to educate young moped riders, living in Bristol, about the dangers of various road conditions such as oil spillages and weather conditions. We commissioned Ian to design a fun, engaging and humourous short film as his original, off-the-wall style is perfect for our target audience.”

28 May 2011

Epiphany Flyer – July 2011

I’ve got the drawings and design work done on another flyer for Epiphany… with a little help from the Pimpatron.

18 May 2011

A plethora of pimps

I recently made this Flash-based character creation system which I’ve called ‘The Pimpatron’.

The Pimpatron allows you to switch up the appearance of a pimp like character and save your creation as a PNG with a transparent background. I did this over 50 times and then put all my pimps together on a single page… making a pleasant pimped poster. Here’s a couple of wallpapers; Widescreen and Standard.

So each pimp could be saved at a decent resolution the Flash stage size is pretty big; 1300 x 1700 – So if your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll to see it all. Or, if you can rotate your screen (but have never found a worthwhile use for it) then now’s the time.

11 May 2011

Generator upgrades

I've added some upgrades to the Drawing Generator... most notably the ability to connect to Kuler and generate artwork in any colour scheme of your choosing. To do this I used the ColorMunch classes provided by Ben Kanizay.

There's also a few extra features like having outlines only, multiplying the overlay and generating objects at the position of your mouse pointer using the space bar.

Here's some artwork generated using these new features:

27 April 2011

Drawing generator

Generating images with flash is nothing new but following some recent client work I discovered the very powerful JPG and PNG encoder classes. The PNG one in particular allows you to save your flash creations with a transparent background. I put this to use by making a simple image generation system:

The interface needs a little work but you’ll get the gist.

Even with some basic drawings you can get impressive results, but be warned; I decided on a high resolution (1748×1240) to enable a decent A6 printout. If your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll… but once you ‘SavePNG’ you’ll have an impressive image to use as a background, wallpaper or whatever the case may be.

At the moment you can choose to generate five simbols using five different colour schemes from Kuler but I will probably try and enhance this over time.

25 March 2011

Computer Arts Magazine

I was lucky enough to have my work reviewed in this months Computer Arts Magazine (issue 185) - and it seems as though I'm on the right lines. :-)

17 March 2011

‘Beatbox’ Bill vs ‘Sinista’ Steve

The Ridiculous Rap Ruckus is back; this time with a mega-match between two titanics from the technical territory... Has Bill got the skills or is Jobs the man with the golden gob? Vote below...

11 March 2011

Super vs Luthor

Kool Clark Kent takes on Big Daddy Lex in the next episode of the Ridiculous Rap Ruckus... beats made by Mr Monk.

Who’s got the finest freestyle? Vote now...

8 March 2011

Epiphany Flyer - April 2011

I've just finished doing the drawings on another flyer design for Epiphany. Epiphany is a regular drum and bass club night in Bristol. Enjoy...

2 March 2011

Ridiculous Rap Ruckus – Doctor Octopus vs Spiderman

Half man, half machine.. he’s orange and green: Doctor Octopus takes on the arachnid rhymer Spiderman in the Ridiculous Rap Ruckus… Beats by the V.O.C.

I wanted to start a series that combines my love of animation with my love of rap music. Who’s next for the disrespect? Tune in next time.

21 February 2011

Big Joe vs Gattuso

I grew up watching a Bristol City team managed by Joe Jordan. I was therefore quite upset following last Tuesdays game between Tottenham and AC Milan in which Jordan was attacked by a rabid Gennaro Gattuso. I really wish 'big' Joe would have decked him... but admire his restraint. For some reason I felt compelled to make a quick cartoon in which Joe gets his revenge in several different ways...

25 January 2011

Keep Your Wheels illustrations

I’m just working my way towards completing some spot illustrations for the Keep Your Wheels project. There are loads of them, probably about a hundred! Here’s some of my favourites…

Keep Your Wheels aims to encourage safer riding and reduce the number of road collisions involving young riders of powered two-wheelers.