27 April 2011

Drawing generator

Generating images with flash is nothing new but following some recent client work I discovered the very powerful JPG and PNG encoder classes. The PNG one in particular allows you to save your flash creations with a transparent background. I put this to use by making a simple image generation system:

The interface needs a little work but you’ll get the gist.

Even with some basic drawings you can get impressive results, but be warned; I decided on a high resolution (1748×1240) to enable a decent A6 printout. If your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll… but once you ‘SavePNG’ you’ll have an impressive image to use as a background, wallpaper or whatever the case may be.

At the moment you can choose to generate five simbols using five different colour schemes from Kuler but I will probably try and enhance this over time.