28 May 2011

Epiphany Flyer – July 2011

I’ve got the drawings and design work done on another flyer for Epiphany… with a little help from the Pimpatron.

18 May 2011

A plethora of pimps

I recently made this Flash-based character creation system which I’ve called ‘The Pimpatron’.

The Pimpatron allows you to switch up the appearance of a pimp like character and save your creation as a PNG with a transparent background. I did this over 50 times and then put all my pimps together on a single page… making a pleasant pimped poster. Here’s a couple of wallpapers; Widescreen and Standard.

So each pimp could be saved at a decent resolution the Flash stage size is pretty big; 1300 x 1700 – So if your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll to see it all. Or, if you can rotate your screen (but have never found a worthwhile use for it) then now’s the time.

11 May 2011

Generator upgrades

I've added some upgrades to the Drawing Generator... most notably the ability to connect to Kuler and generate artwork in any colour scheme of your choosing. To do this I used the ColorMunch classes provided by Ben Kanizay.

There's also a few extra features like having outlines only, multiplying the overlay and generating objects at the position of your mouse pointer using the space bar.

Here's some artwork generated using these new features: