18 May 2011

A plethora of pimps

I recently made this Flash-based character creation system which I’ve called ‘The Pimpatron’.

The Pimpatron allows you to switch up the appearance of a pimp like character and save your creation as a PNG with a transparent background. I did this over 50 times and then put all my pimps together on a single page… making a pleasant pimped poster. Here’s a couple of wallpapers; Widescreen and Standard.

So each pimp could be saved at a decent resolution the Flash stage size is pretty big; 1300 x 1700 – So if your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll to see it all. Or, if you can rotate your screen (but have never found a worthwhile use for it) then now’s the time.

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