22 November 2011

Super Moo Stickers

I’ve adapted the Super System to make stickers… Moo stickers.

If you’ve not heard of Moo then they’re a printing company who offer a unique technology called “printfinity” – Which lets you print a different image on every item in a pack. You can print business cards, postcards, greetings cars and stickers.

Conjuring up 50 different images for a pack of stickers can be quite a challenge, until now. The Super Moo Sticker System does all the hard work for you… creating a completely unique Super Hero sticker in a single click.

This system also generates names but sometimes a name like “The Yellow Spirit” won’t match a hero with a purple costume so I’ve included an option to change that… or hide the name completely. You can also over-type it with a name of your choosing.

Note: The resolution is quite high so if your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll to see it all.

How to defeat crime…

Alternatively, you could buy some ready-made…

1 comment:

Harto said...

Love what moo doo :)
I had some little round ones done a while ago - really nice quality.