21 November 2011

The Super System

Inspired by films like Super and Kick Ass as well as real-life heroes like Phoenix Jones and The Dark Spartan I've developed a system to generate Costumed Crimefighters!

Ideally I'd like to become a super hero myself but I doubt very much if I could strike fear into the lawless without some serious weaponry... and, sadly, I'm not as wealthy as Bruce Wayne.

Instead I've devised a system to help would-be heroes come-up with appropriate costumes and names. Have a go - make a hero now... (requires Flash, a-ha Savior of the Universe)

Note: The resolution is quite high so if your screen isn’t big enough to cope you’ll have to use your browser settings and zoom out a bit or scroll to see it all.

Giclée Super Prints

To celebrate the release of the super system I'm selling off 10 limited edition A2 Super prints at the super special price of £35 for a limited time only. Since that price is clearly criminal it won't stay that low for long. So don't delay, order today...

Here's some images. Enjoy!

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