5 January 2012

Change a life with a loan

Sometime last year I attended an event run by the Media Trust. At that event I met representatives from a charity called Deki, which is based in my glorious home town of Bristol.

Deki empower people living in poverty to create sustainable livelihoods by providing access to microloans and they were keen to see if we could explain this process using animation.

We came up with something which hopefully ticks all the boxes and encourages people to invest a small amount of money. Just a tenner could go a long way to helping a lot of different people and you can always claim it back at the end. Quite frankly it’s a brilliant idea!

Vashti Seth, Deki CEO and Founder, said “We are really pleased with the animation that Ian created for us. Ian came up with the concept by himself and kept us informed with his progress at all times. The animation explains what www.deki.org.uk does in a simple and informative, yet witty manner. We have had many positive comments and use it in all our presentations, as well as on the website – thank you Ian”.

And that’s not all... Deki held a re-launch event in October and showed the animation to a few people including their new patron… who just so happened to be none other than animation ultra mega-don Nick Park! I managed to grab a quick picture before Nick’s radioactive energy enveloped the sofa – just look at it glow!