30 May 2012

Project JEFF – 0117 Film Challenge

To celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Bristol, filmmakers and animators were challenged to create a short film in Bristol in 117 hours. 0117 being the area dialling code for the city. The film had to be based on the core values of the M Shed Museum (Bristol people, places and life) and be inspired by Sport, Games and Play. Here’s what I came up with... To fit this in around work commitments, children and sleep was… emotional. But, no guts, no glory. Unfortunately, there were lots of guts and no glory as the £1,000 prize money was bagged by another team. I’m sure, given time, the judges will come to realise the magnitude of their mistake.
You can see Jeff along with the other films on the Encounters YouTube channel...

29 May 2012

The Graphic Canon – Volume 1

Some time ago I contributed illustrations to a project called The Graphic Canon: The Definitive Anthology of the World’s Great Literature as Comics and Visuals. See this post... Part of the deal was that I would be sent a copy of the book, which I received last week. The project grew to be much larger than expected and the anthology was separated into three volumes. My work appears in Volume 1.
It is a giant book, packed-full of some really great drawings of some classic stories and scenes. It is an honour to be a part of such an amazing project. Well done to everybody involved. If you like graphic novels and anything that has been drawn you will absoluely love this book! Find out more/get it here...

10 May 2012

Drawing the line…

Not so long ago a stash of old 2000AD megazines crossed my path… all of them full of outstanding artwork. In amongst them was this Sci-Fi Special from 1985 which has an interesting comparison between computer generated and hand-drawn artwork. Think you can throw your pencils away now that you have a micro? Ink again Earthlet! Brilliant.